Digital design, UX/UI, motion design

2021  – 2023

Since 2021, I have been working with the digital design team at Printemps.  As a luxury & fashion retailer, Printemps is always animated with different salesoperations (Christmas, sales, black friday, new collections). During this time, I’ve worked on a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from webdesgin to illustration, motion design, and UX/UI design. My main responsibilities are creating immersive digital experiences for these operations, and ensuring cohesiveness with Printemps’ brand identity on the e-commerce platform.

As part of the rebranding process that took place in 2022, I worked on motion design concepts with the new logo. I  also restyled a lot of existing icons and created new ones for the store services and interface/navigation/menu elements. I also created lot of lottie animations for micro-interactions on the website to embelish the user experience.

An non exhaustive list of other projects I’ve worked on include morphology illustrations & UX for the size guides (watches, shoes, clothes), motion design & webdesign for acquisition canals & CRM (paid social, banner kits, youtube ads, newsletter), webdesign for editorial articles…